I am grateful for the broad community support I have received throughout my campaign.  Below are some of my top supporters and their reasons for supporting me.

This list will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back!

Rev. Dr. RB Holmes

Pastor of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Community Leader

"Commissioner Bryant is very insightful, thoughtful, and  an inspirational servant leader. She has impeccable character, very unselfish with the gifts and resources that God has blessed her with. She will continue to serve her constituents with compassion, vision, and confidence.  I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy to continue to serve as our City Commissioner."

Ben Crump

Civil Rights Attorney

"I have been on the battlefront for some time fighting for the rights of the least of these. It is with the same spirit that I joyfully endorse Dr. Elaine Bryant to continue to serve in her role as City Commissioner, Seat One. I invite you to join me at the ballot box and Vote for Elaine Bryant. Her record as a leader in our community over the last 40 years underscores what she has done and her vision for the future of our city.  Black Lives Matter—Vote Elaine Bryant for City Commission, Seat One!"

Mayor John Dailey

Mayor of Tallahassee

"Elaine has been a strong community advocate, a fighter for the changes we need in Tallahassee, and a consistent voice of reason.  In only 18 short months, Elaine has helped our city make some much-needed changes.

Elaine is a true leader who has served our community for years, but I've had the good fortune of watching her selfless service up close on the City Commission, and I know that her steady leadership and strong desire to usher in good change is what we need."

Sean Shaw

Former Representative in the Florida House, Attorney

"I've known Elaine a long time and she is the kind of politician we want to keep in office.  She is someone who is rooted in community service and rooted in the community. We should be happy that someone like Elaine is willing to serve us on the City Commission and I offer my support and my endorsement to her."

Rev. Ernest Ferrell

Past President of the Tallahassee Urban League

"It is my joy to endorse Elaine Bryant to continue to serve our community as City Commissioner.  I have know her for many years and she has served our community as a member of the Urban League Board of Directors in prior years and many other service organizations. She is my candidate to continue to serve in Seat One!"

Mickey Clayton

Former FAMU Basketball Coach & Faculty, Founder/CEO of INSiiGHTS Sports

"You have people who spend lifetimes trying to recreate themselves to become more trustworthy and people-oriented. They search for the will to serve and to be of greater service to others.  These are just a couple of guiding principles that are prominent within Elaine Bryant. Re-elect her as your Tallahassee City Commissioner."

Rev. Joseph Wright

Pastor of Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church

"It is with great joy that I endorse Dr. Elaine Bryant to retain her seat as City Commissioner, Seat One.  She has served our community faithfully over the last two years. Commissioner Bryant has the experience and commitment to Southside neighborhoods as reflected in her votes to support funding for our communities."

Elizabeth Rosario

Management Executive and Adjunct Professor of Entre

"A connection created while we sat on a bus talking about ways to get our youth educated and out of the cycles of poverty and crime. From there deep admiration, respect and a great friendship was formed. 


Elaine is a strong and independent woman ready to listen to our community. A woman who thinks outside the box. She has demonstrated great leadership in her life and during her time as commissioner has stepped up to new challenges. 


I am honored to call Elaine my friend and I fully trust her decision making and ability to get things done."

Alan Williams

Four-term Representative in the Florida House

"I am proud to endorse Dr. Elaine Bryant to continue to serve our community as City Commissioner in Seat One. She has served with great dignity and professionalism over the past two years and I believe we must extend the opportunity for her to build upon the progress that has been made. 


Elaine has the proven leadership to help move our community forward and her commitment to the voiceless of our community that have been forgotten, she has been their voice.


In this year's election integrity is on the ballot; in this year's election the future of Tallahassee is on the ballot; and in this year's election Elaine Bryant is on the ballot.  I plan to vote for Elaine Bryant, City Commissioner, Seat One, and I’m asking you to vote to keep Elaine Bryant on the City Commission. "

Dr. Connie Evans

Executive Committee Member of Tallahassee Branch NAACP

"It is my pleasure to endorse Elaine Bryant to continue to serve in her role as City Commissioner, Seat One. She has been in the fabric of our community for over 40 years making a difference in our neighborhoods across Tallahassee. She worked with my late husband, Dr. Charles Evans during his tenure as the President of the NAACP. I plan to VOTE for Elaine and I hope you will join me!"

Steve Evans

Member of Leon County Sales Tax Committee, Small Business Mentor, United Way of the Big Bend Board Member

“As someone who’s had the honor of knowing and working with Elaine on board’s for many years, I am so proud of her and her “selfless” commitment to the City of Tallahassee & the City Commission. 


Elaine brings integrity, balance, fairness and outstanding judgement to the many difficult issues we’re facing during these changing and challenging times. She’s tough, disciplined and most importantly “fair minded”. When she takes a position, it’s as a result of having talked to many people, understanding all sides and then taking a position based on experience, wisdom and Balance. 


Finally, her positive leadership style is one of proactive and collaborative consensus building to address solutions to tough problems.”

Steve Evans.jpg
Talethia Edwards.jpg

Talethia Edwards

President of the Greater Bond Neighborhood, Community Liaison & Advocate

"I am confident in Commissioner Bryant as a leader and community member. I have witnessed firsthand her commitment to distressed neighborhoods like the Bond community with her vote to approve a $6.4M investment to revitalize the area. I witnessed as she silently met needs for families in the community during the COVID- 19 pandemic. If this is not enough, her long time professional career as a strategic planner is what we need to continue being proactive and progressive in moving Tallahassee forward."

Pastor Darrick McGhee

Chair of United Way of the Big Bend, Board Member of The Children's Movement, FAMU Young Life Advisor

"For over 40 years, Elaine Bryant has been a community public servant in our beloved Tallahassee.  Along with being known as a person of great integrity, honorable character, an unapologetic Christian, she is also a forward-thinking leader.  For the past two years, she has served with distinction as the appointed City Commissioner for Seat 1, and now deserves the vote of confidence of the electorate as the elected City Commissioner."

Jay Smith

Vice President of Ajax Building Corp, Board Member of United Way of the Big Bend

"I’ve known Elaine for years and marveled at her purposeful approach to challenges.  She possesses the type of leadership our City needs in these evolving times.  I’ll look forward to the future she will help bring to our community."

Nicole Everett

Affordable Housing & Home Ownership Advocate, Talk Show Host

“Elaine is a thoughtful leader who has strived to make the City of Tallahassee more accountable and govern more strategically. She is a loyal and dedicated community champion with a heart for serving the people.”


Mark O'Bryant

President and CEO of Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

"I have known Commissioner Bryant for many years and have learned to appreciate and trust her judgment. Elaine is a committed advocate for our citizens, putting the needs of others above her own. And she genuinely listens – a much needed but often missed trait in the world of politics. Elaine always seeks to understand the issues at hand prior to weighing in with her input. She exhibits mature leadership in every situation! It is this balanced and thoughtful approach that we need more than ever as Tallahassee looks to the future.  "

Paula DeBoles-Johnson

Founder of Capital City Youth Development Corporation

"Our community has had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming elections. Elaine's pragmatic, honest, and solutions-oriented insights regarding what our community needs and her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's concerns sets her far apart from the other candidates.


Experience and community connections matter and I am happy to extend my support to her campaign."

Anita R. Favors

Past Tallahassee City Manager

“I have known Elaine Bryant for almost all of the 30 years I have lived in Tallahassee.  Here is what I know about her:

  • She is diligent about self-improvement and education for herself as well as others, working always to expand her knowledge and perspectives based on research and facts.

  • She cares about people. Her resume will describe her active involvement in causes across the spectrum, but her special focus has been on youth.

  • She is the eternal optimist in that she believes that nothing is impossible to achieve with good planning and hard work and she is willing to work towards progress, taking carefully calculated risks to accomplish things that others would fear to undertake.

  • Her actions and thoughts are integrity based.  Period.

I believe Dr. Elaine Bryant is what Tallahassee needs to keep our community stable, where appropriate, and progressive, where necessary.”

Tim Moore

Past Commissioner of Florida Department of Law Enforcement

"I have had the privilege of knowing Elaine Bryant for 30+ years in both a professional capacity and as a friend!  I personally recruited Elaine to join FDLE as our Chief of Human Resource Development in the 1980s and we worked together for a number of years. During that time, I had the opportunity to directly observe and witness her leadership ability and decision making skills.


I had no reservations then; I had no reservations when I endorsed her for her appointment and certainly don't have any reservations now after her service in her first term. In short, her performance in the role of City Commissioner can best be described as prepared, thoughtful, and fair!


Without a doubt, these are the leadership skills and experience we need during these difficult times to provide service to our community with integrity, respect, and quality! Commissioner Bryant's steady hand has proven she can do just that!"


Althemese Barnes

Founder of John G. Riley Center & Museum of African American History and Culture

“Elaine is matured, strategic, equipped with diverse training and experience, and is a person of integrity who knows the community, governmental structures, and systems. For over 30 years she has demonstrated quality leadership combined with the wisdom to listen and make sound decisions.


These are characteristics Commissioner Elaine Bryant brought to the office and are needed still to maintain integrity and to help ensure that our City operates with professionalism, civility and sincerity of purpose.”

Reggie Bouthillier


"We are blessed to have Elaine Bryant serve our community as a City Commissioner, Seat 1.  Dr. Bryant is a thoughtful and trustworthy leader, with an amazing, diverse background of experience, and a long track record of serving our community.  Elaine Bryant is the most qualified person for this position, and will continue to work hard to serve our entire community.  I fully endorse Commissioner Bryant and ask that you support her campaign and vote to keep her in this vital role."

reggie bouthillier.jpeg
Christic Henry.jpg

Christic Henry

Past President of Council of Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Advocate

"In these polarizing times, more than ever we need experienced, balanced voices and representation on our City Commission.  I am supporting Elaine Bryant because she is a listener and will advocate for the kind of policies and resources that are intentionally appropriated and creates impact across all socioeconomic spectrums within our community.


I trust that Elaine will continue to use her platform to hear from authentic, legitimate voices from all sides of our community and vote for policies that are equitable, just and serve the best interests of all Tallahasseans."

Kate Kile

Local Group Leader of Moms Demand Action

"I am happy to endorse Commissioner Elaine Bryant for Tallahassee City Commission.  Commissioner Bryant has an incredible portfolio of relevant experience for the issues facing Tallahassee today as well as the strategic vision to help us identify and implement meaningful solutions for tomorrow.  I especially appreciate her thoughtful approach, professional and calm demeanor, and servant's heart for ALL Tallahassee residents."

kate kile.jpeg
Cheryl Anderson .png

Cheryl Anderson

Partner & Vice President of Fuel Media

“With so many issues impacting our nation and neighborhoods we need elected officials with critical decision making skills and proven leadership in our city government.  I have known Elaine W. Bryant for over 20 years and have continually witnessed her true desire and commitment to put others first. Now is not the time for on the job training, we need proven and tested leadership. We need Elaine W. Bryant on the Tallahassee City Commission.”

Virginia Dailey

Attorney, Volunteer Attorney and Board Member of Children's Home Society

"I strongly endorse Commissioner Elaine Bryant for the City Commission. I knew Elaine before she began serving on the Commission, through her service with her church, community projects and with Leadership Tallahassee. She is a positive, enthusiastic leader who always looks to how we can all do better. She is also a servant leader - throughout this pandemic, she has been serving food and meals to children and families in need, among many other activities. I look forward to seeing what she can do in our City in the future."

virginia dailey.jpeg

Keith Bowers

Affordable Housing and Community Development Consultant, Regional Director of Florida Small Business Development Council

"Commissioner Elaine Bryant is truly a servant leader concerned with the well-being and quality of life for all of the citizens of Tallahassee.  She brings integrity, accountability, and passion to City Hall."

Dr. Kawana Johnson

University Internships & Career Services Director

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Elaine W. Bryant for 12 years and can truly say that she always exemplifies excellence through her passion, purpose, and principled leadership. Her faith and genuine love for helping others succeed makes her a rare jewel that this community is blessed to have in its midst!"

Kawana Johnson.jpeg

Superintendent Rocky Hanna

Leon County Superintendent of Schools

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Bryant for many years now dating back to our time working on the Board for Capital City Youth Services. She is an amazing leader with a heart for service to others. Elaine was placed on the City Commission in a time of need and has done an outstanding job.  I am proud to call her my friend!"

Cheryl Brown

Frenchtown Community Activist

"I'm standing with Elaine. Join me!

Join the winning team! Stand with Elaine! 

Elaine has proven her commitment to our community. Join me in standing with her."

Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox

Tallahassee City Commissioner

"Dr. Elaine Bryant has proven that she has what it takes to help us move our city forward.  She served in leadership at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and she served as an Assistant Secretary at the Department of Juvenile Justice.  She also owns her own business and serves on the Board for Habitat for Humanity.

Dr. Bryant currently serves as the Chair of the Blueprint Committee, which handles a lot of money moving through our community.  We need someone methodical and strategic to lead that effort, and Dr. Elaine Bryant is your candidate to do that."

Ron Sachs

CEO & Founder, Sachs Media Group

""Elaine Bryant is the perfect example of dedicated public service that we want reflected in our elected officials. I am proud to support her election because she has the experience, expertise, energy, and empathy to treat every day of public service as a public trust. She is a genuine leader whose considerable body of work speaks volumes about her ability to stand up, speak out, and fight for the right things on every issue that matters and affects our lives.""

Dr. Judy Mandrell

Host of Real Talk with Judy

"Our City needs wisdom, strategic planning and a mature mind to continue moving our city forward. I have observed Commissioner Elaine Bryant in so many different platforms and I highly admire her ability to think things through and add concrete obtainable goals and accountability to every plan.  I am confident and truly persuaded that during these uncertain, unstable and scary times, Commissioner Elaine Bryant must continue to be a part of our City Commission."